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Parts For Fender







Aged  Kluson tuners. New Kluson tuners with aged nickel finish.Single or double line Kluson Deluxe stamp.

Kluson single line tuners, 6 in line, aged nickel                                     43/set      
Kluson tuners, double line stamp, 6 in line, aged nickel                        43/set      


  Reproduction 1950/60's Cornell-Dubilier capacitors for Fender guitars. Finest audio caps with vintage mojo. Available as a set for Telecaster, or individually for Stratocaster/Bass.

Broadcaster/Nocaster 1950-52                        19/set      
Telecaster mid-late 1952                                  32/set      
Telecaster 1953-56                                           32/set      
Telecaster 1957-58                                           32/set      
Telecaster 1958-61                                           32/set        
Stratocaster/Bass 1952-56                            16/each      
Stratocaster/Bass 1956-58                            16/each      
Stratocaster/Bass 1958-61                             16/each     


Replica 1960's ceramic disc caps.

Telecaster 1961-64                                              18/set   
Telecaster 1964-66                                              18/set   
Stratocaster/Bass 1961-67                                10/each    
Stratocaster/Bass/Tele 1964-70                        10/each    
Stratocaster/Bass/Tele 1969-73                        10/each   

Now available: Vintage repro wiring kits and pre-wired harnesses for Fender. All years available.


Aged Strat and Tele screw sets. Not brown and rusty, these screws have the vintage look of black oxidised heads on an aged nickel finish, just the think for your relic.

Aged Strat screw set                                                                     10.50          

Aged Tele  screw set                                                                     6.50          


Aged Fender chrome wear. Neck plates , Jack plates and Control Plates complete with screws.

Neck plate and screws, aged chrome                                     10/each    
Stratocaster jackplate, and screws, aged chrome                10/each    
Telecaster jack cup , aged chrome                                        7/each    
Telecaster control plate, aged chrome                                21/each    


Repro Fender neck plates with serial number, correct number size and font, complete with screws. All pre CBS years available. 

New plates now in stock, selling fast! E-mail for available numbers.

Pre CBS serial number neck plate with screws, chrome                 Out Of Stock    
Pre CBS serial number neck plate with screws, aged chrome        Out Of Stock    

Repro headstock repair decals available. E-mail for details



Replacement Kluson tuner buttons. Hard to find metal buttons for vintage Kluson style tuners. Ideal for converting plastic tipped Fender Mustang tuners to metal tipped Strat/Tele tuners, designed to fit a flattened vintage size 9/64" (3.57mm) diameter button shaft. Some modification of the tuner shaft may be needed but full instructions are supplied. Set of 6, nickel or aged nickel.

6 Kluson style tuner buttons, Nickel                        12.00     

6 Kluson style tuner buttons, Aged Nickel               15.00     




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